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Austin Luce produces exterior and interior signage, directional signage, fire safety signage, safety signs and company name plates on a variety of materials both traditional and contemporary.  

Austin Luce has been in the signage business for 60 years and because of our extensive knowledge and experience we can advise you on sign selection and the specification to match your corporate identity scheme or environment.

Austin Luce are experts in the schools, colleges and further education sector. Some of the educational establishments Austin Luce work with include Oxford Brooks University, Worth School and Woldingham School to name a few. Austin Luce provide exterior signs that are vandal resistant, interior signs that are both economical and attractive to brighten up even the dullest corridor,  to the more high tech LED signs and the essential compliant fire and safety signs.

The use of effective directional signage to help with visitor orientation within any private or public establishment such as schools, colleges, hospitals and offices is of vital importance to the visitor experience. Good signage creates a positive experience, inadequate or confusing signage can have a negative impact on visitors and therefore your establishment. Research shows that a better image boosts success by 40%.


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