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Safety signage is important - do not neglect it

March 30, 2009
Category: Safety Signs — By Ruth

There are certain things that we often forget. Safety signage is one such important factor which is seldom given due attention. Every building that is used by a large number of people must be equipped with proper fire safety signage and proper evacuation signage.

Many incidents can require an evacuation of the building. Fire is perhaps the most common.

Every responsible building authority must install proper safety signage like an evacuation plan and a fire safety plan. Often people equip buildings with such safety signage but put up the safety signage at such places which are completely out of the eye line of people staying or visiting the building.

To make the safety of the people inside a building a top priority, all safety signage must be displayed properly at places which are always within sight of people. The safety signage must include the evacuation plan and state clearly through a diagram the emergency exits.

The instructions about how to use the extinguishers must also be mentioned clearly through the safety signage, so that anybody can use the safety equipment. Once this measure has been taken by building authorities, the premises become safer.

Reasons to set up fire safety signs

March 27, 2009
Category: Safety Signs — By Kevin

Fire safety signs are among the most important signs and should not be avoided. They help to guide people to safety in the event of fire. Today, these signs have become a legal necessity and must be displayed in places like offices and shopping centres. However, the main purpose of a fire sign is to guide the crowd outside the building during a fire. They can be considered an escape route for the public. Moreover, they also help people find emergency phones and other important equipment.

It is always advisable to purchase fire safety signs that are made from photo luminescent materials. The reason is because these signs absorb light through the day and give off light when there is no light available. It is also important to place these signs appropriately in their proper locations.

It is advisable for companies to conduct fire escape drills at regular intervals to promote awareness among employees as to the dos and don’ts during a fire. It’s also important to create an emergency escape route to avoid panic or a stampede. However, the key factor still remains the same - fire signs must be properly displayed at the correct locations. Fire signs should also have arrows that point towards exit or safety.

Advantages of using an appropriate retail shop front

March 26, 2009
Category: Shopfront Signage — By Brian

It is important for a company to be strategic and innovative to survive in the market. The ideal solution to attract a larger number of people towards your shop is by implementing an overhead sign above your shop and also by renovating the design of your shop. Shop fronts are the key to attracting large numbers of visitors and must be selected appropriately. They are very cost effective and are quite affordable. Shop fronts are available in many different kinds and can be manufactured with the help of different materials. A good shop front can add style and elegance to your shop.

Shop fronts are easily visible, so there are number of things that need to be considered before designing a shop front like consistency, external beauty, cost effectiveness etc. Though there are many different types of shop fronts available, aluminium framings adds the most charm and elegance to your shop sign. These signs are sturdy and durable.

However, if you do not wish to purchase an aluminium shop front, then you can always go for shop fronts that are made from glass or even aluminium bordering to enhance the visual appearance. If you have a flexible budget then you can always add a few other components like lighting, security grills, durable windows etc.

Tips to make sure an exhibition stand helps you in the best way

March 25, 2009
Category: Banner Stands — By Kevin

Exhibitions are an excellent way to attract customers to your business. An exhibition is also a place where various companies are fighting for the visitor’s attention. An exhibition stand is of great importance in such conditions. Not only does a well designed exhibition stand make your stall look more attractive, but it also helps give people information about your business. How does one utilise an exhibition stand to its maximum potential? This is one of the most common questions about an exhibition stand. Some of the things mentioned below go a long way in terms of making the right impression on an exhibition stand visitor.

Respecting and giving attention to the people who visit your stand will assure you of great results. Not giving people the attention they require will give them a bad impression of your business in general. This definitely does not work in your favour at all. Every person is important. So it important to make sure nobody is ignored.

It is equally important to understand your visitors well. Having a great pitch can work in your favour, but the same pitch cannot be used on everyone. The kind of information that would work for one person might just not interest another person. As a whole lot of people attend exhibitions, it would be safe to have a five minute time limit for interaction with a visitor. This would make sure no one else is ignored completely.

Why are safety signs so important?

March 24, 2009
Category: Safety Signs — By Kevin

Safety signs are a legal obligation. In normal times, when none of their signals are required, you can overlook their importance. However, safety signs play a very important role in preventing injuries and guiding people in times of crisis. They also make people aware of the hazards waiting for them at particular places. Any accidents that might be caused due to this can result in serious injury and damage to the reputation of the company.

Imagine a situation at a construction site; a new employee has his first day on a site he has never been on before. This site is absolutely new for him and he has no idea of any of the dangers that he might be exposed to during the day. Without any safety signage or warnings, his first day of employment could be rife with danger.

Having appropriate safety signage is extremely important in these situations, as it will greatly help a new employee in an unfamiliar environment, keeping him safe and out of danger. Safety signs also help a great deal in professions where the site and the worker, come in close contact with the general public. Where workmen work on roads or sites where people frequent often, safety signage can help the general public remain safe and can help them avoid the dangers.

Safety signs are essential for the reasons mentioned above and are not just a legal obligation.

Some tips to keep your shop ahead of all competitors

March 23, 2009
Category: Shopfront Signage — By Brian

The best way to ensure a thriving business is to look good and attractive. If your shop looks the best on the street, then surely your shop will do better business. Today you need to appear attractive to attract customers. A well kept and gorgeous shop gets more visits as people prefer going to shops that look great.

There are a few measures that must be taken if you want your shop to get more customers. The first measure is to keep the shop neat and tidy. The products must be displayed properly and kept in an organised, easy to find manner. Bright signs must be used to give directions about which section of the shop has which products.

The exterior must be taken extra care of. The window displays must be changed often and the décor must reflect the season’s speciality. Remember, bright window displays that change occasionally instigate the customers to visit your shop more frequently.

Shop front signage is another important factor that must not be overlooked. Shop front signage should be done in a good fashion so that it conveys that your shop keeps up to date goods and is a must visit for all. Shop front signs that are done brightly and creatively are more eye catching than the flat traditional ones.

So keep experimenting with your shop front signage as you need to change it every once in a while, so that you gain more customers and retain the old ones.

Safety signs – For better security and protection

March 19, 2009
Category: Safety Signs — By Brian

One of the key factors in helping people avoid any trouble and averting accidents on the road are safety signs. Safety signs are very important, as they inform and warn people of any impending danger that lies ahead. Public safety and road safety is the responsibility of each and every person and no one should escape from it or consider it unimportant.

Today, in the UK, there are rules and regulations implemented to make sure safety is maintained on the road. Additionally, many laws have been introduced that make putting up safety signs and health signs at workplaces mandatory.

Safety signs could be considered a reminder or warning in order to inform and guide people in any risky situation, such as a fire or flood. Most times, fear and panic is created in the minds of people because of the lack of safety signs guiding them to the exit or a safe place. By having a safety sign in the office premises or building, you can reduce the level of fear and panic felt by people in such situations.

An important point to remember when purchasing a safety sign is its design. The design of a safety sign must be clear and easily readable. It is important that the font size, colour and shape of the safety sign is appropriately designed and conveys the message in a clear manner.

How to boost your business sales using banner stands

March 18, 2009
Category: Banner Stands — By Ruth

We all are aware of the important role played by advertising in attracting customers and increasing the sales of a business. Without advertising, the target audience would not be aware of the product or service offered by your business, which would ultimately result in no sales.

Although, advertising is essential in promoting the products and services of a business, not all can afford investing spending vast amounts of money on it. However, one of the most cost-effective and efficient advertising methods is with banner stands.

Banner stands are portable and flexible structures that carry graphic colourful images of the advertised product. In addition, because they are an inexpensive mode of advertising, the banners used can be changed frequently as required. Banner stands have several different uses, such as educating people of any product or service launched.

Banner stands are an effective means of advertising when displayed at the entrance of your business or store. If you have a banner that is attractive and creatively designed outside your store, there are more chances of catching the customer’s eye and raising their curiosity to visit your store.

Banners are available in a wide variety of sizes and can be customised according to your business requirements. Banner stands are lightweight, making them easy to carry and transport from one place to another. They are excellent for promoting your business product or service and can be used at exhibitions, tradeshows or any other retail event.

Safety signage is a must for every building

March 17, 2009
Category: Safety Signs — By Ruth

New buildings are made every day. One very important aspect of making the building secure and safe is by putting safety signs at all appropriate locations. Many times, this really inexpensive, but important fact is overlooked.

Most of the buildings constructed these days are installed with important measures for fire safety and emergency exits. These can be rendered useless unless the appropriate signs guide people and the message is displayed clearly and in appropriate places.

In the unforeseen case of an emergency, safety signage placed appropriately, helps the evacuation process move along smoothly. On the other hand, if these signs and guidelines are not displayed properly, or are not there at all, this leads to chaos and panic during an emergency. All this can be easily avoided by using safety signage. It is recommended that any new building constructed should have these signs placed at locations where it is can be easily seen in the case of emergency. If the sign is constructed using bright eye-catching colours, then this will make them more visible in times of chaos.

If safety signs are installed in this manner, it will help during any hazardous situation. This makes safety signs an absolute must for every building.

Signs and our safety

March 16, 2009
Category: Safety Signs — By Brian

Signs serve the purpose of warning and reminding us, so we remain alert and keep us safe from harm. Signs guide us to do things that we must do, or to avoid things which can be hazardous to our lives. They can remind us to stay vigilant and avoid possible dangers that come our way.

It is very important that signs should be recognised immediately. The signs should be seen by anyone, even by those who are poor sighted. Maybe we are not always aware, but signs save people from a lot of hazards and dangers.

The appropriate colours; the right frame shape, size and font size should be used to make a sign. You should also consider the content of the sign. The wordings should be appropriate so that it does not create a panic if an accident occurs. Signs should convey the necessary urgency of the warning.

Safety signs should be designed strategically; because they are very important they should not be taken granted. The sign should be created after adequate thought is given to their location and placement.

Signs protect our lives on a daily basis. An establishment that values the safety of the public and its employees will always have a high regard for the warning signs. It also proves that the company shows responsibility for the welfare of its customers. Therefore, it is a very sensible decision to invest in high quality safety signs.

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