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Safety signs are essential in all workplace environments

July 27, 2009
Category: Safety Signs — By Ruth

Safety signs have been in our area of vision for as long as we can remember. Many people dismiss safety signs as an involuntary sign board that tell them nothing new. This is one of the most misconceived notions about safety signs. Safety signs save many lives every year, since people in panic situations get overwhelmed by the situation. In such times, safety signs and signage are instrumental in guiding people to the correct safety exits and more.

Without safety signs in the workplace, newly joined employees can get confused with the new workplace and land themselves in danger. In order to avoid such circumstances, safety signs are put in place. Many times, safety signs are seen as a bureaucratic prerequisite but they go much deeper than that. Safety signs and signage can provide relevant safety measures to employees involved in crisis situations. For example construction workers who work in hazardous environments absolutely need safety signs to avert them and others from potentially threatening situations.

Safety signs are also ideal for people who work in close contact with the general public. Employees engaged in road excavation and development also need safety signs as these signs can avert the general public from venturing near the excavation sites. Scaffolding projects also need safety signs as a pre requisite since they are in very close contact of the general public that is walking above or below. All these points highlight the essential requirement for safety signs in today’s society.

Safety signage in the workplace is essential for employee safety

July 24, 2009
Category: Safety Signs — By Brian

Employee safety is paramount to every employer. Every workplace has hazards which must be pointed out by the use of safety signs in all areas necessary. Well placed safety signage has been known to save lives of employees at regular intervals. As an employer, business owner or a manager, it is your duty to employ safety signs in your workplace in order to avert any potential dangers. For example if a new employee is to enter a workplace with no safety signage, it can be very tough for him or her to avert any potential danger situations.

Safety signs come in various sizes, shapes and types and can be utilized to differing degrees, depending on what activities occur in the workplace. Safety signs include stop signs, fire exit signs, danger signs and more. With the help of these signs, employees know exactly where the danger areas are. While installing safety signage can be relatively easy for smaller organizations, large companies and workplaces need extensive planning while putting up safety signs. Usually a health and safety officer is employed by large agencies and companies to survey the work area, then put up the appropriate safety signs and ensure they are maintained.

In today’s world although work hazards have been extensively minimised, there is still that slight chance of coming face to face with a potentially dangerous situation. In order to avoid this, safety signs are a must for any workplace.

Signs to keep people safe

July 20, 2009
Category: Safety Signs — By Brian

Signs, whatever kind they may be, are an important part of our lives. They can help shape our lives and keep us safe. Everywhere you look, there are signs to remind us what has to be done and what should not. One of the most prominent signs that can be found all around us are safety signs. These signs are put up anywhere where there are people. There are a number of different safety signs that are put up in different places to help people lead a safe and organised life. Here are a few:

Hazard signs

These signs are usually denoted with yellow warning triangles and have black borders and point out potential hazards. Depending on the hazards they are trying to denote, a suitable symbol is placed within the triangle. This type of safety sign can be specific and state things like “Danger, High Voltage” or “Caution, Slippery Surface” or could be more generic and simply say “Danger”.

Prohibition signs

Prohibition signs are safety signs that are mainly red and white and prevent people from certain activities or behaviours. “No access”, “No parking” and “No smoking” are some of the most common prohibition signs.

There are various other safety signs that are of importance as well. For instance, fire exit signs, mandatory signs and safe condition signs. All these look out for the well being of the people and have to be followed for people to stay safe at all times, wherever they are.

Safety signs at the workplace help employees avoid work hazards

July 16, 2009
Category: Safety Signs — By Ruth

Safety signs are extremely important in today’s world. Safety signs are often ignored by people, but as a matter of fact they are extremely important. And one of the most important places to have safety signage is in the workplace.

Although this may seem like an unnecessary precaution, it is actually very important since it ensures the safety of the employees at the workplace. Without adequate safety signs in the workplace, employees may be confused in an emergency situation and employers will be held responsible for inadequate safety signage.

Safety signs are needed to impart an initial warning to employees to navigate away from danger. Also, safety signs are put in place to avoid any injuries to new employees who may not be accustomed to their new environment. For example, a new employee at a construction site may not be aware of all the hazards in his work area.

In work areas which have considerable hazards, it is absolutely necessary to have safety signage. Thus as an employer and a business owner, it is imperative for you to have adequate safety signs and signage in your work environment.

Safety signs are imperative in public and private places

July 15, 2009
Category: Safety Signs — By Kevin

All public facilities and workplaces need to have safety signage as a compulsory measure. It is highly important to have safety signage in all public places since safety signs help people move away from danger areas which could be a threat to their lives. For example, imagine being in a building with no fire exit maps. If the alarm was to go off, you would be clueless as to where you have to exit.

If there are safety signs, you can clearly navigate away from danger in a moment of crisis. From the smallest office to the biggest one, all make use of safety signs on a daily basis. For a small office or warehouse space, safety signage can be relatively easy, but for large factories and warehouses, displaying safety signs is imperative since a large amount of people are working on the premises.

Many large companies worldwide hire the services of the health and safety officer to get the appropriate signage in the appropriate places. These companies manufacture safety signs of all sizes and shapes. From large fire exit signs to mid sized stop signs, these companies do it all. It is important that you, as a business owner or a manager, make appropriate use of safety signage in order to keep your employees out of danger.

Importance of having fire safety signs

July 13, 2009
Category: Safety Signs — By Brian

Fire safety signs are vital as they guide people with the steps that they should follow in case of fire breakdown. These fire safety signs essentially need to be placed at noticeable areas of workplaces, buildings and other places where fire is most likely to occur. Building and business owners, who own properties essentially, need to display fire safety signs as they are the legal requirements.

The main purpose of fire safety signs is that they help direct people, so that they can find an escape route, just in case a fire breaks out. Moreover, they can even help people to find emergency phones and emergency equipments. As fire safety signs are important for public safety, a legal regulation has been passed to make these signs standard.

Fire safety signs should strictly fulfil the legislations that are set for them. Generally, safety signs are made from photo luminescent material as it makes them visible even during the dark. These photo luminescent safety signs absorb the light during the day and give off the same light during the night. Apart from fire safety signs, the ones that point towards the phones, equipment and exists should also be placed at noticeable locations.

Safety signs are a necessity, so they should be easily readable, understandable and should also have appropriate text. When using fire safety signs, fire exits should be indicated clearly using an arrow pointing towards the correct direction. The location for placing the fire safety signs plays an important role because if they are not positioned appropriately, they will not serve any purpose.

Road traffic signs and their importance

July 9, 2009
Category: Safety Signs — By Brian

There are a number of different road signs like parking signs, street signs, traffic signs and driving directions. These signs are of great importance as they notify the motorists about street names, speed limits, where to slow down or stop and much more. However, a newly qualified driver should essentially remember proper use and knowledge of these road traffic signs.

Whether you are a passenger or a driver, you may have definitely noticed several signs that are displayed along the road side. These signs are of a great importance as they help people to guide through the proper route. These road traffic signs also help to regulate the flow of traffic for cyclists, motorists and pedestrians. For the safety of drivers and others, these road traffic signs should be respected and given proper attention towards them.

Many different types of road safety signs are usually placed besides or above the streets and highways. It is very crucial to create and place the road safety signs at appropriate locations because even a bit of misunderstanding and confusion can result in accidents and traffic jams. Road safety signs are specially designed to be easily recognisable by the drivers.

For instance, a red circle is generally used to indicate a stop sign, while a triangle is assigned for schools. Colours used in road safety signs also play a vital role. Red colour alerts you to stop; orange is used for short term traffic control, green is used as guide information.

Types of Safety Signs and their use

July 6, 2009
Category: Safety Signs — By Ruth

Safety signs are a necessity in an environment where a hazard or danger is a constant risk. At times it is also used to provide information regarding the tools available to avoid certain hazards for e.g. ‘Fire Extinguishers’. But then it is always recommended that the danger has to be analysed if it can be avoided by precautions.

Some of the most useful Safety signs:

Fire Extinguishers Signs
Fire extinguisher is the most essential safety apparatus at any workplace. Due to its infrequent usage, it is most likely that its location is forgotten. However, in cases of emergency, the time taken to find fire extinguishers can decide the outcome between disaster and safety. The fire extinguisher sign helps to find and locate the fire extinguishers in the hour of need.

Children Safety Signs
Safety signs for children are mostly put up to warn adults to be cautious about children’s safety. Establishments like schools and shopping malls must have children safety signs.  As children are less capable of recognising danger, safety signs help in avoiding accidents caused by motorists and distracted parents.

CCTV & Video Surveillance Sign
This type of safety sign helps in securing your business from shop lifters and vandals by warding them off. A ‘You’re under surveillance’ sign could deter a prospective shop lifter and help the business from incurring losses.

High Voltage Safety Sign
‘High Voltage - Danger!’ signs can help people to avoid electrical hazards, which could prove fatal.  It is found around High Voltage Electrical Boxes and Junctions.

As they say “Prevention is better than cure” Safety signs are the best prevention to avoid losses and destruction of property in commercial as well as residential faculties.

Safety signs that save you from going six feet under

July 3, 2009
Category: Safety Signs — By Brian

On our route to work we may pass hundreds of safety signs, yet we do not give any thought as to how beneficial these signs are from keeping us from a potential disaster. Many may claim that safety signage is not much use and is in place only for legal reasons. But safety signs are really important, as they make people aware of impending danger.

Fire safety signage
Safety signs are almost everywhere we look. From offices to schools, and from roads to construction sites, safety signs are there to make us aware of the danger that may be present. Offices, schools, concert halls and cinemas have one sign in common, that is the fire exit. Fire safety signage may one of the most important types of signage we have. It can turn out to be a life saver for many people in situations where fire has taken hold in some part of the building. In a moment of utter chaos and confusion, an illuminated fire exit sign can bring some order and direction, and bring people to safety.

Road and construction safety signs

Safety signs in construction sites can prove to be just as helpful and important as fire safety signage. It works both ways in warning commuters, as well as those who are at work on construction sites. Warning signs help the construction crew as they know which places to avoid or in what situations to be cautious. In addition, road signs that illuminate and reflect light can prove to be a life saver on dark roads. It is difficult to measure but they must save thousands of lives every year.

Safety signs – place them at appropriate locations

June 30, 2009
Category: Safety Signs — By Ruth

The main purpose of having safety signs is to make people aware of the dangerous situations which they should carefully approach. Safety signs help to guide and inform people about various things that are to be done and the ones that must be avoided. As safety signs serve for the purpose of keeping people safe and informed about various dangers, they should be designed properly so that they are easy to understand and recognise.

Everyday, safety signs help to save many lives and so they should have an ability to convey the message effectively. This is the reason why safety signs should be of appropriate size and shape, the right colours and fonts and, most essentially, they should be able to convey the right message to the people in a very short time.

Driver signs, fire safety signs, exit signs, fire exit signs etc. are a few safety signs that can usually be found indoors and well as outdoors. Places like offices, schools, factories, industrial areas, construction sites, shopping malls etc. are some places that must display safety signs. If these safety signs are appropriately used at such locations, a lot of accidents and injuries can be avoided easily.

This is the reason why companies and government should take their priority for setting up graphics and sign boards. Also, while using safety signs, you must make sure that they are clearly visible. If they are not visible easily, they would not be of any use.

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