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Nameplates help to create a good impression

April 21, 2009
Category: Nameplates — By Brian

Nameplates are generally used in organisations and companies for identifying and displaying the name, title and the qualification of the employee. Nameplates are generally used in offices but can also be used at home.

Since nameplates are mostly used for identification purposes, it is important to have a nameplate that is professionally designed with a personal touch. It is also possible to order a custom made nameplate according to your individual taste, specification and requirement.

Nameplates are usually made from plastic, brass, zinc or aluminium and are available in many different shapes and sizes. The most popular material choice for manufacturing nameplates is brass, as it is robust and provides a classic and professional look to the nameplate.

Although, nameplates are available in many different shapes, the most popular shapes for nameplates are rectangular and square. In the UK, there are many companies that offer their services in making professional and well designed nameplates. They offer you a huge range of styles and designs to choose from that make your nameplate look unique and one of a kind. You can also include the logo or symbol of your company or organisation to make the nameplate look more professional.

Nameplates are very versatile and can either be placed on the door of your office, kept on your office desk or installed on a wall.

Nameplates and their varied uses

April 16, 2009
Category: Nameplates — By Kevin

An individual identity is something that everyone wants and desires. Portraying this identity to others can be done with the help of various identity markers. Nameplates are one of these many markers of identification. Nameplates are commonly used to display information that is necessary for efficient working processes or on particular types of equipment as a form of identification. Today, we use nameplates for office and industrial purposes, such as marking our offices, machines and for warnings.

Company nameplates generally mark the name and address of the proprietor. These nameplates are available in different materials and styles. They can be personalised according to specific needs and convenience. You can have a number of fonts and colours to display your name and address. The designs of your nameplates can also vary, providing you with both a simple and creative look as per your taste.

Unlike company nameplates, industrial nameplates are made out of metal. This is mainly due to their need of being functional and long lasting. Industrial nameplates are very simple. They are engraved in a manner that prevents them from getting damaged or defaced easily.

Nameplates are also used in offices as an identification of employees. At work, nameplates can give a very attractive look, creating an atmosphere of professionalism. These nameplates generally portray the name and logo of the company along with the name and qualifications of the employee. Therefore, if these employees deal with customers on a daily basis, their nameplates help improve efficiency.

Nameplates, though used in a number of places have a common function. They identify people and places, hence making identification easier for many people.

Create a good impression with a nameplate

March 12, 2009
Category: Nameplates — By Ruth

A nameplate is generally used for identifying and displaying the title, name, and qualification of an individual. Nameplates can be used at places like offices, homes and boardrooms. These nameplates also provide a professional and personal touch.

Nameplates are frequently customised according to individual specifications and are made from various materials like brass, plastic, aluminium or zinc. The nameplates are available in different sizes and shapes, so that you can purchase the one according to your requirements and budget. The most common shapes of nameplates are square and rectangular.

There are several companies that specialise in making professional nameplates. Such companies provide a wide variety of designs and materials to choose from in order to make your nameplate look attractive, unique and distinctive. Nameplates can either be attached to a wall or can be placed on a door or can also be sited on desks.

Nameplates are available in many styles and fonts. You can also inscribe the logo of your company onto it to provide a more professional look.

If you are making a nameplate for outdoor purposes, then you need to make sure that it is made of durable material that can withstand outdoor weather conditions. Depending on the level of customisation that is required, the cost of the nameplate can vary accordingly. The cost of a nameplate can also differ depending on the design, style and the materials that are used.

The many places where nameplates are used

March 5, 2009
Category: Nameplates — By Brian

Especially in a working environment, it is important that employees have something that can distinguish them from other people. For this reason, you will notice that when you walk into a restaurant, employees usually have name tags. In other workplaces it is common to find employees with badges and ID cards. Depending on the type of business and company, different identification marks are issued to people.

A very common yet prestigious type of personal identification is a nameplate. This type of identification is not seen everywhere. Nameplates are usually found in corporations or on the desks and doors of doctors, lawyers and a few others. These nameplates are a more sophisticated way of informing people who a person is and what position they hold in society. They usually have engraved on them the person’s qualifications.

Nameplates are available in a variety of materials, depending on their purpose or where they are to be put. The materials normally used are wood, plastic or metal. You can even choose from a variety of font styles on your nameplate. This allows people a more individual choice. However, most companies usually have a standard font style for nameplates for each employee. This gives the company a more uniform look.

Selecting a nameplate for industrial use

February 19, 2009
Category: Nameplates — By Brian

Name plates can be made up of metallic and non-metallic materials. You can select the type according to the environment in which it is to be used. Different industries depend upon nameplates for different reasons.

Nameplates can have your brand name and logo inscribed on them. The material that is used for making nameplates is important, along with the printing process as this is a critical part that makes the nameplate durable. The way a name plate is manufactured plays an important role in determining the durability of a nameplate. The reputation of a product depends on name plates, name tags and custom labels.

In short, nameplates carry a big responsibility of building your company’s image. If a nameplate discolours or becomes unclear, it will have a disapproving impact on your products and services. Different industries have to depend upon nameplates for a wide range of applications. Industrial nameplates have different properties that make them withstand harsh operating environments.

Some industries that use nameplates are aircraft and aerospace companies, automotive and electronics industry and government organisations. The main function of a nameplate is to inform. Nameplates give necessary information about a person.

An industry where nameplates are used widely is the automotive industry. Normally, vehicles require a nameplate for identification and certification purposes. Nameplates are used by government and military agencies as ID, asset and property plates. In such places, nameplates are also used as operating and warning signs.

Nameplate signs to convey professionalism

February 11, 2009
Category: Nameplates, Signs — By Ruth

Every profession has something to contribute to society. However, if the professional themselves are unknown, then all the years spent in education gaining accreditation can be laid to waste. For this very purpose, professional signs are used. Professional signs, like nameplates on the office door or the office desk aid in directing clients to approach the professional.

Signs can be used to reveal the identity of a professional person. A single building can contain several doctors and each one may have a different specialisation. However, for a patient, every doctor remains the same unless one is aware of the specialisation. Professional nameplates on the door can make the task simpler for the visiting patients.

Similarly, in an organisation there will be various departments and management offices. In order to distinguish each department, professional signs will almost certainly be necessary. This not only avoids confusion, but provides the professional with a degree of respect.

Signs can reveal an awful lot. However, they should still remain slightly discrete. Too much information could overcomplicate and even dilute the impact of its message.

Even the choice of material needs to be appropriate, as a senior manager or director of a company may not wish to have a plastic sign on the door. Signs constructed out of metal or wood will be durable and elegant, which is why professionals tend to use them for signs.

Even the size of the professional nameplate may vary. While signs placed on a door may be medium sized, the signs placed in front of company gates will be large, bold and magnified.

Get the right nameplates for your office

February 2, 2009
Category: Nameplates — By Brian

It is important to display the name of your company correctly outside the office. Having a nameplate that is easy to read but still exhibits sophistication is ideal. After all, clients visit your office and having a well-designed nameplate helps to portray your company in a positive light.

Nameplates are used to identify and display a company or person’s name and designation. They are usually rectangular but are sometimes made in several other shapes, such as oval or square according to your needs. Nameplates are primarily used for informative purposes, as in an office, to identify employees and their title in the company and for commercial purposes, such as retail stores to identify a product’s brand.

The nameplates for an office are made in different materials, such as plastic, stainless steel, aluminium and brass. The most popular material used when making office nameplates is brass, as it offers an elegant touch of class to the nameplate. The most common format of an office nameplate is to display the name of the person and their job title.

The nameplate of your company can come in different sizes, depending on your style and preference. You can also select the writing style and font size of the characters on the nameplate, but it is however the norm to use a formal writing style for nameplates that are used for official purposes.

Professional name plates for a convenient business

January 23, 2009
Category: Nameplates — By Kevin

Name plates are like identity tags for every individual. They can be used in a number of places including homes, offices, and restaurants. Name plates are most commonly seen in offices where they are used to display the names and titles of various employees.

Name plates when used at work provide a professional look. Name plates come in a variety of designs and are custom made, giving you the advantage of personalising them according to your needs and convenience.

Professional name plates cannot be the same for two people as they are normally different when it comes to names, titles and logos. Name plates are essential for many businesses as they provide an important point of reference for your customers.

Name plates can be made from numerous different types of materials, and they can be engraved with a variety of fonts. Ensure that the name plate type you choose for your company is made of durable materials, and that it is engraved with large and clear fonts so that they are easily readable even from a distance.

Nameplates for your possessions

January 8, 2009
Category: Nameplates — By Brian

We all have our own identity. Sometimes it is necessary for us to display that identity to others, especially when it comes to claiming something as our own. Nameplates stand as identification marks. They are used in various places like homes, offices, conferences and so forth to display various names and titles of either the person or a product.

Nameplates are primarily used for informative purposes. At homes and offices they can be used to display names, titles or addresses of the person or the place. Nameplates can also be used for fun and decorative purposes.

Nameplates are available in different shapes and sizes. They are generally custom made, depending on your tastes. Nameplates are generally made out of wood, plastic or metal. Though finding nameplates made out of other heavy materials is not really difficult. You can add various graphic works to your nameplate if you so wish.

Nameplates make a good first impression

January 7, 2009
Category: Nameplates — By Ruth

Nameplates are used to identify and display the name, title and qualifications of an individual. They are used in homes, offices, board rooms and so forth and lend a personal and professional touch.

Nameplates are mostly customised and are made from materials such as plastic, brass, zinc or aluminium. Depending on your requirements and budget, they are available in different shapes and sizes but the most common ones are rectangular or square in shape.

There are many companies which specialise in making professional nameplates. These companies offer a variety of designs and use only the best available materials to make your nameplate look unique, attractive and distinctive. Nameplates are generally placed on doors or attached to walls but they can also be kept on desks.

Nameplates are available in different fonts and styles. It is even possible to inscribe your company logo to give it a professional business look. Nameplates are generally used inside the office or home but can be used for outdoor purposes. If used outdoors, the nameplate should be made from durable and all weather materials.

The price of a nameplate generally depends on the level of customisation required. The prices may vary according to the writing styles, designs and the materials used. You can choose from a wide variety of designs while browsing online and such nameplates are usually less expensive when compared to offline professional nameplate manufacturers.

Remember, nameplates are essential in making a good first impression. Always select the one that fits your purpose.

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