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Expandable media screen and flag stand to stand out from your competitors

October 31, 2008
Category: Banner Stands, Flag Stands — By Ruth

Expandable media screen and expandable flag stands both display the required text or images in the most effective way. They create a huge impact at your exhibition.

There are different types of media screens available with different heights, width and weight. However, their purpose is the same. They have a unique design and are available in seven different colours: green, red, blue, and grey, as well as chrome, transparent and amber. Hence, you should choose the one that best matches your images.

With its attractive and unique design it helps you to strengthen the impact of your message. Expandable media screens do not take much floor space and can be moved from one place to another. They do not get damaged while they are being transported as they are delivered in padded black nylon bag. Accessories like a spotlight can also be used to enhance your message.

Expandable flag stands are available in different heights and widths. They are lightweight and prove to be perfect for outdoor use. An expandable flag stand is available with an X base or with a ground stake so that the flag can remain stable even in strong winds. For easy transportation they are delivered in a bag. It is easy to mount and dismount the flag pole. It is foldable and is made of carbon fire.

Expandable media fabric and exhibition banner stands for exhibitions

October 19, 2008
Category: Displays, Flag Stands — By Brian

You will need an exhibition banner stand and expandable media fabric to put up an exhibition of your own. Exhibition banner stands and expandable media fabric both prove to be great promotional tools. They can provide a stylish and eye catching display that can attract potential customers.

Expandable media fabric is used for short events. It is available in two different shapes i.e. straight and curved. It can be set up very easily. The image is printed on a fabric and serves as an excellent backdrop. The image is of the highest quality and printed on a special fabric. The print when stretched forms a smooth surface. They are delivered in padded black nylon bag on wheels. Hence, they are unlikely to be damaged.

Exhibition banner stands are available in different sizes and styles. Therefore, you should carefully consider your requirements as the exhibition stand should suit your needs. Expandable banner stands are lightweight and can be moved from one place to another easily. It has a discreet design with non retractable display. They are designed to be flexible and hence suit the needs and requirements of any user.

You can also create one large image combining several expand banner stands with the help of a magnetic tape. An exhibition stand grabs the attention of the audience by displaying the promotional banners and graphics in an effective way.

Use expandable X Stands and expandable flag stands to promote your business

August 6, 2008
Category: Flag Stands — By Ruth

Choosing an exhibition stand depends on your budget, the size of the exhibition and whether you want to re use the stand at a later date, perhaps in the office or at another exhibition. Expandable X stands and expandable flag stands can help you make a great impact at any exhibition or presentation.

Expandable X stands

Expandable X stands have an attractive design and create a high visual impact. They are especially designed for product launches and campaigns and do not take much time to assemble. Expandable X stands can display even large vertical banners. You can put them even in a small room as they do not take up much floor space. Expandable X stands are lightweight and can be easily moved from one place to another, which is important when using them for exhibitions.

Expandable flag stands

Expandable flag stands are mainly for outdoor use. These stands are portable, stable and light in weight. You can display your banners and other promotional flags using these stands. Expandable flag stands are available with a ground stake or an X base so that the flag can remain stable even in strong winds. The flag pole of expandable flag stands is easy to mount and dismount. It is made of carbon fire and is completely foldable. The flag does not get damaged while it is being transported as it is delivered in a bag.

If you want to stand out from the crowd in any trade fair, exhibition or conference, you should use these stands.